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House of Charity Foundation Grateful for UAE Donors’ Visit and Continued Support.

The House of Charity Foundation in Uganda extends its heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who recently visited our projects firsthand. Their commitment to supporting Ugandan communities is truly inspiring.

The esteemed delegation from the UAE took the time to travel to Uganda and witness the positive impact their contributions are making. They toured our various initiatives, from educational programs for children to healthcare facilities for families in need. This visit allowed them to see the tangible results of their philanthropy and connect with the very people their support empowers.

“We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to welcome our friends from the UAE,” said Sheikh Buwembo Murshid, Executive Director of the House of Charity Foundation. “Their visit was a powerful testament to their dedication to improving lives in Uganda. Seeing their genuine interest in our work further motivates us to continue making a difference.”

For many years, the House of Charity Foundation has relied on the unwavering support of donors from the UAE. Their contributions have funded crucial projects that address critical needs in Ugandan communities. These projects include:

The impact of these projects extends far beyond immediate needs. By investing in education and healthcare, we are fostering a brighter future for generations to come.

The House of Charity Foundation would like to express its sincere appreciation once again to our valued donors from the UAE.Their compassion and generosity are making a real difference in the lives of countless Ugandans. We look forward to continuing this strong partnership and working together to build a more hopeful future for all.

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